How to Sell Rental Property For Cash, FAST in Tampa FL

Sell Rental Property in Florida

Many people do it. They rent a property and think that they are going to make a lot of money from it. But is it worth it? Owning a rental property and dealing with tenants is a hassle and often requires more work than what you are making from it. Maybe it’s time to sell your rental property!

You constantly have to take care of repairs, hear from tenants at all hours of the day, or and have to track down your tenants to make their rent. Often, it is even hard to find a reliable person who can stick to a standard 1-year lease. All of this hassle that only leads to a minimum income? You have probably thought: is it all worth it?

If you have had it with dealing with tenants, fixing repairs, and constantly putting in more money than you are making, there is a way out. More importantly, you can still make some money on your investment.

KM Home Buyers buys all types of properties, as-is, that may still need repairs or that people just don’t want to work with anymore. We even buy properties with tenants currently living in them.

We make this process extremely easy and stress-free and will make a no-obligation cash offer for your rental property in Florida.

Why Should I Sell My Rental Property to an Investor?

There are many benefits to working with an investor to sell a property that you no longer want to take care of.

By selling to an investor:

  • There is no void period, so you aren’t losing any money since we offer cash on the spot.
  • There are no real estate agent fees. When you sell your Florida property to an estate agent, they charge a commission, usually anywhere between .75% and 3%. This loses you thousands of dollars depending on the sale price. Estate agents charge this because of advertising costs, photography, online listings, and just overall operational costs of running a business.
  • We won’t charge fees. We take care of any legal fees and closing costs.
  • Also, we will take care of the tenants, so you don’t have to remove anyone. That is why many people who want to sell their rental property work with us because we make the process easy.

Can I Sell My Rental Property Even If It Needs A Lot Of Work?

If your house is in disrepair and needs a lot of work done, many realtor’s and estate agents may not want to buy it.

You don’t want to keep it anymore because renovations can be extensive, time-consuming, and expensive. Often, when people calculate the cost of repairing a house, getting it on the market, and selling it, the profit margins don’t add up.

You often spend a lot more time and money fixing a property than what you make from selling it. The cost of renovating a house can range anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $150,000. This is a risk that many people cannot afford to take.

With KM Home Buyers, we will take your house off of your hands, quickly, no matter the condition.

We are a top-rated home buyer in the Tampa Bay and surrounding ares. We have bought houses in every condition. Whether it was a hoarder’s house or has extensive mold, termites, water damage, you name it. There is no judgment with our hassle-free solution. Many people are relieved to find a company that offers them a solution for their Florida rental property.

Can I Sell My Rental Property Without a Realtor?

When it comes to selling your investment property in Florida, you’re properly wondering how to get started.

Most people take the traditional route of going through a real estate agent or realtor. As we mentioned before, this can be costly, most realtors charge a commission based on the sale price and that can be costly for you. Meaning you don’t make as much money as you could’ve. But this leaves many with thinking that they need to do a For Sale By Owner (FSOB).

Though you might think this sounds simple, there are many responsibilities that the realtors take off of your hands. This is why many people fail to sell their houses and end up going with realtors anyway.

By selling to an investment group, we do all of the work with fixing up your house, taking care of tenants, covering legal fees and more. Without charging you a commission.

KM Home Buyers offers you cash for your investment property. Once the transaction is complete, you no longer are responsible for the property. More and more people who are tired of dealing with their investment properties are turning to this solution, its fast, easy, and you don’t lose out in the end.

Can You Sell A House With Tenants?

Part of the great thing about selling your rental property to an investor is that you do not have to worry about evicting the tenants. Evicting tenants can be very time consuming and costly.

To save you the hassle, we can buy your property with the tenants in place. We strive to make the process hassle-free to not only help you but to not disturb your tenants. This is a great thing about selling with investors because if you try to sell your property on the open market most people are looking for vacancies.

What Are The Tenants’ Rights?

The main thing with being a landlord is that you can’t just kick tenants out for no reason. They have certain rights. Depending on the type of lease that your tenants have, changes the way that selling your property can be handled.

There are two types of leases: month-to-month and fixed-term lease.

Month-to-Month Lease

Handling a month-to-month lease is much easier than a fixed-term lease. If you have decided to sell your property, all you have to do is give them proper notice. By giving written notice 30-60 days you’d like them to vacate, this is completely within your writes. Month-to-month leases don’t need any reason for them to be terminated. This is called a “no cause” termination. If they refuse to move out, then you (or we) can start the eviction process.

Fixed-Term Lease

Now fixed-term leases need extra handling because they don’t typically just end when the property changes hands. If you don’t want to worry about the tenants, then you could always wait until the lease has ended. If they have been a bad tenant and in violation of the lease, then you can evict them. This is also timely; our team can take this process off of your hands.

If you don’t want to wait until the lease is up, then sell the property to investors who are okay with tenants. Investors will honor the tenant’s lease and will let them live there until the lease has ended. The lease and security deposit of the tenant needs to be transferred when the rental property is sold as you are no longer the landlord for the tenants or property.

Sell Your Florida Rental Property Quickly

If you are completely fed-up with dealing with all the hassles of a rental property. Then sell it to our investment group. We make this process simple. Fill out a form, we will come to check out the property, and then make a no-obligation cash offer on the property. Selling your house allows us to help you get rid of the responsibilities of being a landlord all with getting cash in your pocket!

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