How to Sell Your Property Fast-4 Easy Steps

You’re in a pinch. You need to sell your house fast. Not in a month or two. And definitely not in a year, which is how long many homes stay on the market—especially if they’re run down or in undesirable neighborhoods. Who has time for that? You need to sell your house ASAP.

Maybe you received a flyer in the mail from a company that wants to buy your distressed house, or were driving around Tampa and saw a sign that says, “We Buy Houses for Cash.” It’s tempting isn’t it? Especially if you’re selling to avoid foreclosure or because you’re getting divorced, your house repairs are too expensive, or you don’t want to deal with the upkeep and property taxes on an inherited home. And, here’s your opportunity: someone wants to buy your home, as is, for cash, fast.

Could this be too good to be true? In some cases it is. But, not if you’re working with a reputable company that truly cares about getting you the highest offer on your home. Not all investors that buy homes in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties have your best interest at heart.

Here’s how working with KM Home Buyers is different:

They’re available 24/7. No working around someone else’s schedule. No waiting days for an answer. They’ll take your call, text, or online quote request immediately and get working on your offer right away—so you can get closed and get your cash quickly.

They pay all fees and closing costs. If real estate agent commissions or other fees associated with selling your house are keeping you from moving forward, you can put that idea to rest. KM Home Buyers pays all the fees with no surprises, so you can get as much cash as possible.

They stand by their word—and their reputation. Family-owned and operated KM Home Buyers is well known and respected in the community. They’ll close on time with no hassles, with total transparency throughout the process. They’re credible, regulated licensed home buyers, so you can trust you’re not being taken for a ride.

They live and work in the Tampa Bay area. They’re your neighbors—and they’ll treat you like you’re family. So many of these “We Buy Distressed Houses” companies aren’t even based in the Tampa area—or even in Florida! You want to work with a company that understands not only the area and real estate market where you live, but also your unique needs. By working with a local company like KM Home Buyers, you can also avoid these common home buying scams.

They were voted the #1 Home Buying Company in the Tampa Bay area. One of the best ways to know you’re dealing with the right home buying investor is to listen to what their customers have to say. The reviews keep rolling in and the response is unanimous: KM Home Buyers will work hard to get you a fair price and set a closing date in as few as seven days.

So, how does it work? It’s as easy as these four steps:

  1. Get in touch. Get started by calling or texting them at 813-213-4884 or by filling out our online form. Don’t worry: there’s no obligation whatsoever! They’ll ask you some questions about your property location, features, and condition so they can determine your home’s value. If you’re concerned about making costly repairs, don’t be: they’ll buy your house as is.
  2. Review your offer. They’ll take all the info they have on your house and put together an offer for you. KM Home Buyers is committed to making you the highest offer. Not satisfied? You’re not locked in at this point and can simply say no—no pressure; no questions asked.
  3. Approve your purchase agreement. If you like the offer they provided, they’ll write up your purchase agreement and review it with you in person. If that’s not convenient, they can email ,fax, or express mail the agreement.
  4. Close and walk away. Once you approve the offer, it’s time to set a closing date. That can happen in as few as seven days from your initial contact! You set a date that works for you, show up at the title office for your appointment, and sign the closing papers.

Call KM Home Buyers today to sell your house fast for cash: 813-213-4884.        

Sell Your House in 3 Days with KM Home Buyers.