5 Tips for Selling Your House Quickly

There are plenty of reasons to sell a house, but some are much more compelling than others. In fact, plenty of people find themselves in a situation where they need to sell their house quickly. If this sounds familiar, then you are about to see 5 powerful tips that can help you sell your house as quickly as possible.

1. Review Your Selling Options

You can hire a real estate agent and go through the traditional listing process. It’s not a bad way to maximize your selling price, but it’s usually slower than other methods.

You can sell by yourself. This will save you a realtor’s commission, but unless you’re quite experienced, it probably won’t go very fast. In fact, if you had those skills, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Selling to a developer is a great way to move quickly, especially if your home isn’t move-in ready or is a candidate for a tear-down. Developers also like large or primely located lots. If you think one might be interested, they will likely offer you cash for your house, and that makes the process very fast.

Selling to a property investor is similar to a developer, but the investor is interested in pretty much every house for sale. They will make you an offer, and it will likely be below market value. You can think of this as the cost of speed because many property investors can have the process closed within two weeks, if you really need to go fast.

2. Research Prices

This is the hardest part. You want to get as much as you can for the house, but you also have to move fast. Usually, these two objectives will conflict with each other. Your first step is to research prices and really know the market value of your house.

You can get a Zestimate or use a similar online tool, but this is only the beginning. You need to see how comparable houses are selling around the city. You need to look at how houses are selling in your neighborhood. Don’t look at list price; look at sale prices. 

Get the house appraised if you need to. When you know the right value, you can list a little below that and try to move the house quickly. Similarly, you can sell to an investor and know what a fair price is from the start.

3. Make It Appealing

There are usually DIY repairs that can improve the look of the house. Declutter the home to make showings more appealing. You can do the baked goods trick to unleash a pleasant aroma whenever the house is shown. Fresh paint always goes a long way.

In addition to these tricks, you’ll want to make it as convenient as possible for people to come and see the house. It may mean some inconvenience for you, but it will speed up the process substantially. 

4. Network

Social media is great for rallying friends and families to a cause. In this case, the cause is selling your house. Get the word out. You’ll be surprised at how quickly people reach out to see the house.

Networking isn’t limited to social media. Use every resource you can imagine. Craigslist, fliers, your church, or any other group — these are all valuable networking tools that can help you sell the house.

5. Remove Obstacles

If there is anything that can legally slow down the sale, take care of those issues first. Secondary (and tertiary) liens against the house are a common obstacle. Houses with multiple owners (especially if divorce is involved) can also be tricky.

Get through all of your official paperwork so that the sale is greenlit before you even have an offer. These issues kill sales, and they are the greatest threat to getting through this process quickly. If you want the very fastest sale possible, contact KM Home Buyers. There is no faster way to sell a house, and you can start that process right now.